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A Brussels Griffon Agility Dog


All about "Pugly" a Griff who loves agility.


Agility Ability


One of the most organized and comprehensive websites on the sport of dog agility out there.




The of the largest and most popular web site for people interested in agility in the UK. is the home of Agility Action Online Magazine, a new concept in agility magazines. Agility Action is a pioneer in the use of text and video to teach agility skills. It is useful to read about training dogs. It is better to read and then see an example of the training in action.


AKC - Rules, Regulation & Events


AKC official page for rules, regulations, events and any other info about AKC agility.


The Boxer Agility Resource.  Bounce with a Boxer ! 


Clean Run Productions


Clean Run Productions publishs America's #1 monthly magazine on agility training and we have published 17 books on the subject with more in the works. We also offer a broad spectrum of training accessories as well as fun and unique products for your performance dog.


North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC)


This web site is maintained to provide those interested in dog agility with timely information on NADAC events and rules and to assist clubs wishing to sponsor NADAC trials


TeaCup Dogs Agility Association


News, rules, forms, info, events and even a store for the TDAA.


The Agility Club


The Agility Club is the largest Kennel Club registered agility club in the U.K. and produces the leading British Agility magazine, the Agility Voice, every month. This is free to members and can be sent anywhere in the world on a regular monthly basis.


United States Dog Agility Association, Inc


Promoting Competitive Excellence in Dog Agility