Agility 101 - a pawsitive approach


See Jane run! See Rover play agility!

Agility 101, a Pawsitive Approach, demonstrates some typical faux "paws" we make while trying to be effective dog agility handlers. It also depicts skilled handlers using a variety of positive methods for training each obstacle, with emphasis on the fact that each dog and handler is unique.

The video stresses consideration of a dog's vision and perception, showing you how agility training may appear from Rover's point of view.

This training program offers you some basic techniques to help your dog get started playing agility. It is for beginners interested in trying agility, advanced agility handlers who need help training others, and those who are familiar with agility but are seeking some direction on effective handling for beginner agility dogs. The training methods in this video, when used as depicted, can enhance the bond between dog and human, making agility a fun and rewarding experience for all! There is a lot of information in this video; it is intended to be watched, watched again, and watched again between agility practices.


View a short (approximately 5 minutes) montage of the video:

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These sample clips do not reflect the quality of the video you will receive, which was produced on professional digital equipment.

The video is a jam-packed 60 minutes of training information.

Watch, listen, learn, and play!