Do you have change the heights of your bars frequently?  Different dogs, different heights?   What kind of condition are your jumps in? Do you struggle rusty bolts, sharp or saw cut edges, missing cups or cups that get knocked off if your dog hits the bar? Do you want to build jumps but feel intimidated by the amount of work and expense of attaching individual jump cups? Then this these Jump Cups Strips are for you!



Installation is so easy!  Simply measure 27" from the ground and mark a line on your jump standards, then clip on these inovative new jump cup strips, and you'll be ready to play. It's that easy! Made of tough and flexible UV-stabilized polypropylene plastic. The sun won't hurt them and they'll stay flexible even at sub-zero temperatures. Each strip has labeled cups every 2" from 4" to 26".



Clip and Go jump cup strips attach to both 1" & 1 1/4" PVC, you may use self drilling screws permanent installation on the pipe.



It hasn't happened yet - but if your dogs breaks it,  we'll replace it.