Agility Training - The fun sport for all dogs

Jane simmons-moake




Whether your dog is young or old, large or small, pedigreed or mixed breed, Agility is a sport you and your dog can enjoy together. Agility Training makes clear all aspects of this, the world's fastest growing and most versatile dog sport. Whatever your interest, whether purely casual or highly competitive, you will find the instructional methods and helpful hints meaningful for your goals.

Agility Training tells readers how to get started in the sport, work on their own, attend classes, earn titles and organize a competition or practice event. Chapters describe training for all levels of Agility, from beginners through an advanced curriculum. A special feature provides detailed construction plans as well as a list of materials for all obstacles.


About the Author


Jane Simmons-Moake is one of the foremost agility trainers and competitors in the United States. She began competing in Obedience, and got involved in Agility in 1986—soon after it was introduced in the United States. She has owned and trained the number one agility Golden Retriever in the United States. She is now a veteran Agility competitor and judge of Agility events. She and her husband, Gordon Simmons-Moake, founded the FlashPaws Agility Training Center in Houston and were two of the first licensed agility judges. They have both been instrumental in organizing and popularizing Agility events nationwide