ascending Triple jump for dog agility


This Triple Bar Ascending Jump is made with 1" (outer diameter) thick walled *FURNITURE GRADE PVC & FITTINGS*.  It has a glossy white finish and  is one of the sturdier jumps you can find.


This Triple Bar Ascending Jump comes with 6 snap on jump cups so that you can adjust your jumps to any height that you choose quickly and easily.  The jump cups are made to AKC standards (many jump cups are not) making the jump safer for your pet.  The crossbars are 1" outer diameter furniture grade PVC.  All bars displace easily if knocked by your dog during a jump.   The jump is 3' foot tall by 4' wide.  Since this jump is custom made for your dog we will need to know your dogs jump height for this (measured from floor to top of the withers).  Don't get a "cookie-cutter" triple jump with a preset bar width! 


The Double Jump assembles quickly (color coded dots aid assembly) and easily, is very portable and breaks down to stow in very little space.

*This excludes snap ons