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Dog Agility DVD's


Agility 101 - A Pawsitive Approach ~ .
This training program offers you some basic techniques to help your dog get started with  agility. It is for beginners interested in trying agility, advanced agility handlers who need help training others, and those who are familiar with agility but are seeking some direction on effective handling for beginner agility dogs.! more info



Agility 101 - DVD:

$44.99 (S&H included*)





Funniest Dog Agility Bloopers - Kelly Martin - If you enjoy Agility, wait until you see this video, master-minded by Kelly Martin. Kelly has taken original footage of some of the funniest moments performed by both dog and handlers and produced a fast moving, entertaining video. This is a true show stopper; you and your dog will really enjoy!



Funniest Dog Agility Bloopers DVD:

$29.99 (S&H included*)




World Class Weaves! - Joe Canova - Want weaves to die for? This is THE video for you. Joe will not only show you how to teach your dog to weave, but to weave world class - finding difficult entries, holding on to a consistent and dynamic performance with speed, accuracy and independence. more info



World Class Weaves! DVD:

$54.99 (S&H included*)

Out of Stock




Running Contacts! - Ali Roukas-Canova - Want "true" running contacts? This hour and a half long video is a must have if you want to teach your dog to really run through the contact zone without breaking stride - consistently, with speed and accuracy.

more info



Running Contacts! DVD:

$54.99 (S&H included*)

Out of Stock




Control at a Distance - Amanda Nelson -Amanda has developed a system for teaching dogs how to work at a distance and which obstacle to take without hesitation. Now you can be in on her secrets to success.  more info



Control at a Distance  DVD:

$39.99 (S&H included*)

Out of Stock