Practice Indoor/Outdoor Weave Poles


Weave Poles are a must buy for the beginner as well as seasoned agility dog!  These weave poles stand approximately 40" tall (AKC regulation height) and are idea for the small and larger dogs.  Constructed of durable thick-walled Furniture Grade PVC these weave poles are stable and great for practicing your weaving both indoors and outdoors!  These poles can be lined up straight (as shown) or positioned in a "V" to simulate the popular "weave-o-matics" that are sometimes used in training.  Comes with your selection of 2 rolls of colored tape (red, blue, green, or yellow) so you may leave your poles white or tape them to your liking.  These poles assemble and break down easily and can stow under a bed or in the corner of a closet.  Great for people without much room.  The set of 12 indoor/outdoor weaves come with an extra "foot" so you may run all the weaves together to form one long set of 12's or break it down to (2) set of six's.